A perfect innovative hair treatment formula that is both safe and highly effective!

Nature Eva Nanoplatia is a revolutionary and innovative hair straightening product that straightens, hydrates and gives incredible shine.

It promotes intracellular nutrition with nanotechnology. 
Agnieszka Bella


  1.  Only one organic product for all hair types
  2. Straightens hair 100% even afro
  3. Does not contain formaldehyde
  4. Faster application. It is easy to apply
  5. There is no need to wash your hair before the procedure. The hair can be washed in the same day
  6. Holds no risk to the health of the client or the professional. Does not burn eyes or respiratory system
  7. It does not produce a strong smell
  8. Is dermatology tested. The product has not been tasted on animals. Notification Portal Cosmetics (CPNP)
  9. Treatment is possible for a pregnant women or kids after 5 years
  10. Treatment effects stay on your hair up to 6 months and more

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