About Me

Welcome to the enchanting world of Agnieszka Bella Schaefer, where beauty meets expertise and passion intertwines with artistry. As the creative force behind the salon, I, Agnieszka Bella Schaefer, am thrilled to share my journey with you. 

Heritage & Certification

Drawing inspiration from my rich Polish and Russian heritage, I’ve infused a touch of cultural elegance into my craft. Certified in the prestigious Air Touch Balayage technique by @Danilo.Bozic, I bring a unique blend of tradition and modernity to every styling session.

Crafting Seamless Transformations:

My dedication to the art of hairstyling extends to perfecting seamless extensions. Each strand is meticulously chosen and applied to create a natural, voluminous look that complements your individual style.

Fitness Enthusiast & Mom:

Beyond the salon, I’m a fervent fitness enthusiast, celebrating the harmony between inner wellness and outer beauty. As a proud mom, I understand the value of time and efficiency, reflecting this in hairstyles that effortlessly adapt to dynamic lifestyles. 

Pictured is David Goggins and myself 

Agnieszka Bella
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Step into a space where innovation, culture, and beauty converge. Join me at Luminous Hair Salon Suite for an experience that goes beyond hairstyling—it’s an exploration of your unique radiance.

Thank you for considering Luminous Hair Salon Suite as your beauty destination. I look forward to the opportunity of crafting a masterpiece that is uniquely you.

With passion and scissors in hand,

Agnieszka Bella Schaefer 

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